AHD Company Profile

“My lifetime dream is to have a Amr Helmy best modern designs kitchens” … a repeated phrase from our audiences that makes us struggle to pass it through generations.

In 1981 The founder Amr Helmy who is often called The Godfather of Egyptian Design, invented the “7 years ahead” approach that defied western globalization design trends in kitchen design … He adopted a path reviving diversified world ethnic architectural cultures through thematic kitchen designs.

It all started when Amr’s mother Nadia asked him to design her kitchen in his applied arts University days … all her friends started to ask him for similar kitchens as Nadia’s kitchen design was an ahead of time design surprise by that time.

Finding himself forced into the kitchen business, he started to make something different from this profession … he followed his unrequited passion for architecture (his marks didn’t qualify him into an architecture school) and started to imbed architectural cultures into his kitchen designs … The Nubian Kitchen, displayed in Rizzoli New York publication Nationalism and Globalism in Design, where he utilized “vaults and domes” for the first time in the kitchen business was his famous debut into the very early world of modern design in Egypt and the Middle East.

Followed by his “Modern Classicism” kitchen design he started a rare collection of unique design trilogies, were the architecture cultures meets the kitchen’s functionality that meets Amr Helmy’s design DNA, the three layers always provided a design surprise that made his “7 Years Ahead” superiority in the kitchen business, not only in Egypt and the Middle East but our kitchens had been proudly purchased globally from Tokyo to Montreal.

The Second Generation of the Helmy’s made the “7 Years Ahead” even more stronger:

Ahmed Amr Helmy (Korsagy) early in his Milano Uni years had two design passions that added to the business greatly, Chairs and high tech applications … Ahmed’s chairs can be classified as long lasting designs, Born immortal as Hans Wegner modern classical chairs … his high tech automated shoes carousel and hidden wardrobe locks are details in his “Fashion meets Furniture” Haute Couture Walk Ins … a new disruptive wardrobe design approach that perceive every wardrobe design as an individual fashion brand on its own, thus having internal competing fashion brands with independent design personalities. This shows very clearly in the MOTEGA … ISSERMES … SERPENTI … etc.

Mostafa Amr Helmy (ZeroChemia) leads the environmental conscious for the organization … his ideas of ZERO is creating a cult of green followers that are adopting Zero chemical additives … Zero pesticides … Zero carbon footprint and a lot more friendly ZEROS from kitchen and rooftop gardening to Green Coaching Permaculture and Zero lifestyle. His product line expand from Zero furniture to Zero Soil, Zero Skin care Zero Food and Zero jewelry.

Malak Amr Helmy (HELMY) had a dream dissertation while studying design in the Famous London CSM : the Collective identity of the “twelve cultures of Egypt” a question mark about Egyptian Design Identity فيهم مي احنا that translates into “who are we in these twelve cultures”. The answer of the question turned into HELMY the concept store … were the twelve cultures of Egypt fuse together trying to find an answer to this existential identity question. A very interesting design language unfolded when she tried to manifest the critical transitional moment between every two consecutive cultures, for example the Alexandrian Greek and the old Egyptian, how did they transpose and fuse. The designs are not only evolving in furniture but also in fashion, fine Art and also Culinary Art.

Lyla Hussein (Amr Helmy’s wife) and Hussein Amr Helmy created BAYTY , a sister company that implements all the above magic into mini boutique hotel studio experience, where the guest lives in and enjoy the design of all the above experiences in his short or long stays …

The World of the HELMY’s is a very unique and different world … it always takes you to the surprising “7 years ahead” experiences … and consistently strives to pass it not only to family generations but also to our big extended family, our connoisseur customers.