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The world of fashion and furniture collide, all to form the ultimate wardrobe collection, a bespoke solution tailored for every clients needs. Ranging from highly advanced technological solutions to unique designs made specially for you. 


The worlds first smart voice activated wardrobe is here, use our custom phone application to manage your clothes and use your voice to recall your clothing, fully customizable and 100% made in Egypt.

The Gypsy Wardrobe

The Gypsy Wardrobe is inspired by the nomadic lifestyles of the gypsy people, it features a backlit panel with a lace print, floor to ceiling sliding doors, glass sides for uninterrupted views, and an iconic island with a glass top.

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The Issermes Wardrobe

The Issermes Wardrobe is an Equestrian inspired fashion wardrobe that features 2 CM Genuine Leather doors with concealed hinges, an automatic watch winder, and upholstered back panels.  




The Versailles Wardrobe

The Versailles Wardrobe is a wardrobe inspired by the shapes and forms of the Toile De Jouy that originated in the Versailles region, traditional shapes have been blended to form a neo-classical approach to this dressing room. The Dressing room features a secret door, leather handles, an iconic island unit, oval framed vanity with upholstered back panels.





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The Gypsy Wardrobe

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