The Amr Helmy Story


Amr Helmy is widely recognized as "The Godfather of Egyptian Design" due to his significant contributions to the field. Amr Helmy is often called The Godfather of Egyptian Design, because very early in the 1980s he invented the “7 years ahead” approach that defied western globalization design trends in design. He adopted a path reviving diversified world ethnic architectural cultures through thematic kitchen designs.

In 2008, Amr Helmy called Egypt’s top designers to form the first and only "Egyptian Designers Forum." This forum garnered international attention at the Milan design scene, surprising observers with its fresh ideas and creative vision.

In 2010, Amr Helmy initiated the first junior design school called the "Talent Academy," teaching design to kids from 9 to 15 years old. This pioneering institution aimed to nurture young talent and foster a passion for design from an early age, shaping the next generation of designers.

In 2011, Amr Helmy launched "Designy," a democratic design store based on "Super Normal Designs," offering a collection of 15,000 SKUs. The store aimed to provide functional and accessible design solutions for everyday use.

In 2017, Amr Helmy invented another design disruptive practice called "Novel Based Designs" (NBD). Inspired by the protagonist of his novel titled "Some Are Expelled From Heaven Twice," he transformed the narrative into Theosophical architecture and designs. Through his collaboration with "Helmy," a concept store, he reimagined significant pieces of old Egyptian furniture as modern designs in a project called "Ahara."

In 2018, Amr Helmy authored the illustrated book "Cairo 2200," which serves as a manifesto for future generations on how to restore the thousand-year-old design glory of Cairo. This work reflects his deep understanding of Cairo's design heritage and his vision for its revival.

Continuing to push boundaries, in 2021, Amr Helmy launched the first-ever "Innovation Consultant" idea in collaboration with the renowned Logic Consulting. This initiative aimed to provide disruptive business ideas to firms through a unique technique outlined in his book "INNOVOPOLY." He followed it up with the publication of "The Science of Receiving Ideas."

In 2022, Amr Helmy explored his new technique called "Narrative Design Fusion" in his novel "The Egyptian Geisha." This approach involved fusing two distinct cultures, the Egyptian Mamluk and the Japanese Samurai, into interdisciplinary designs spanning furniture design, culinary art, animated movies, and novels. He experimented with this technique in his first animated movie titled "Qamar," which depicted the cosmopolitan spirit of 1940 Cairo for the GLC event. This innovative approach exemplifies Amr Helmy's ability to merge diverse elements and create captivating and multi-dimensional designs.


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