The Amr Helmy Story

Amr Helmy is often called The Godfather of Egyptian Design, because very early in the 1980s he invented the “7 years ahead” approach that defied western globalization design trends in design … He adopted a path reviving diversified world ethnic architectural cultures through thematic kitchen designs.

In 2008 he called Egypt’s top designers to form the first and only “Egyptian Designers Forum” that surprised the international design scene in Milan

In 2010 he initiated the first junior design school “Talent Academy” teaching design to kids from 9-15 years old.

In 2011 he launched “Designy” a 15,000 SKU democratic design store based on “Super Normal Designs”

In 2017 he invented another design disruptive practice; NBD … “Novel based Designs” turning the designs of the protagonist of his novel “Some Are Expelled From Heaven Twice” into Theosophical architecture and designs … in his “Ahara” he turned the important old Egyptian furniture into a modern designs collaboration with “Helmy” the concept store …

In 2018 he wrote his illustrated book “Cairo 2200” which is a manifesto for the coming generations to how restore the 1000 years old Design glory of Cairo.

In 2021 he launched the first ever “Innovation Consultant” idea with the famous Logic Consulting to give disruptive business ideas to firms through a unique technique in his book “INNOVOPOLY” followed by the book “The Science of Receiving ideas”.

In 2022 his novel “The Egyptian Geisha” he started his new technique “NARRATIVE DESIGN FUSION” where he fused two cultures (the Egyptian Mamluk and the Japanese Samurai) into multiple disciplinary designs that involves (furniture design - Culinary art - animated movie - novel) a technique he experimented through his first animated movie “Qamar” depicting the cosmopolitan spirit of 1940 Cairo for GLC event.